The Global Ambassadors (GAs) Leadership Institute was created by our visionary leader, global citizen and founder Akash Patel. Each semester, the program grants a scholarship to 25 high school and college students, educators, global citizens and social entrepreneurs from around the world to participate in the program, network with diplomats and global citizens, and give back to the community through global projects. Participantsga must be passionate about global citizenship, must attend 5 of 7 professional development / project meetings and must volunteer a total of 30 hours per semester. Participants attend a graduation ceremony at the end of semester where they are recognized for their leadership and participation. Interested candidates must apply online at:

Deadline for the Spring semester is December 31 and for the Fall semester is August 1.

The Global Ambassadors leadership program provides unique opportunities for GAs to:

  • Gain an in-depth look and understanding of World Experiences Foundation and the field of International Education.
  • Provide opportunities to enhance skills in large and small scale event planning, project management, leadership, and communication.
  • Provide networking opportunities with leaders and global citizens from around the world.
  • Further develop cross-cultural understanding and intercultural skills.
  • Create and implement a multicultural project in the community.

Participants have plenty of opportunities to network with global citizens and diplomats, learn about different cultures and countries, and give back to the community through a project they create!


Note for our GA volunteers:

World Experiences Foundation is now accepted as an Official Certifying Organization for the President’s Service Awards. All our American and permanent resident volunteers may contact one of our staff members to log in their hours towards PVSA.