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As Eduardo Galeano said, “Many little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world”. I feel glad to say that I met one of those little people, Akash Patel, a leader who is putting all his effort connecting children of different cultures across Oklahoma and the world by his nonprofit project “World Experiences Foundation”.
During my semester at OU, I had the opportunity of participating in one of their events, showing children some characteristics of Spain in a school of Oklahoma, as well as sharing their lunch time and playing with them. It was an unforgettable experience where I discovered the great diversity of the classrooms in USA. As a teacher, I highly value the multiculturalism in the school! In a world where there are still prejudices based on racial and cultural differences, it is very necessary to get children from different cultures to know each other. Because of that, I applaud the initiative of Akash who, crossing continents and oceans, is connecting children all around the world!

Raquel Juan Morera

World Experiences bridges the cultural gap between international students and the locals. Not everyone gets the chance to travel the world, but WEF has given these students that chance.

Recognizing the potential of the diverse student population in universities surrounding Oklahoma City, WEF provides an amazing platform to allow a two way learning between students and international students from different countries!

I’ve personally been so blessed to be able to share my country with students who have never heard of Malaysia before! It is an amazing opportunity that encompasses the holistic education that is very much necessary today!

Eugenia Galan

“World Experiences Foundation is the most incredible resource that I have ever personally seen in a school setting. Yeah, I hear talks about bullying and respecting each other’s differences. Bringing people from all over the world to share their stories and to connect to kids was life changing for the kids and for me! I have never seen so many teachers get so excited about something in their schools! The kids lit up light Christmas trees and were engaged! Teaching tolerance, the idea that we have differences and it is ok to not agree, is what this is about. Respect people, even if you do not agree with them!”

Chad Dandurand , Norman, Oklahoma

“This is a really super organization that opens the world up to students in a fun, valuable, all-inclusive way. One of the best things about being a part of this non-profit is witnessing firsthand the enthusiasm of elementary school students when they get to meet and work with and form lasting friendships with international college students from around the world. Many of these elementary students may never leave their neighborhoods or communities so the work that World Experiences does in bringing the world to these schools is simply amazing!”

Christopher Stofel

“I am blessed to meet Akash and his team from World Experiences organization, where children and many different individuals can have an opportunity to connect and learn about variety of cultures and countries. Children are the future of our society and accepting the differences will make the world strong and peaceful. World Experiences – Connecting Across Cultures is a great way to teach the young individuals to make friends and become aware of the cultures.”

Lyuda Nareiko , Oklahoma